Hi. I’m Ethan!

I’ve been developing for the web since a (very) young age. My first site, Rebucks, I created at the age of 13. It was a social media platform for teenagers – it included an internal economy, purchasable items to customise your avatar and a multi-purpose forum. The codebase was a nightmare, the security flaws were even more so – but its ultimate fate gave me the hunger to learn. And now I have a taste for it.

I sometimes participate in game jams, namely Ludum Dare. My best place to date in the 48 hour competition is O Christmas Tree. Written in C++ using the SFML multimedia library, my game came #244 out of 2,865 entries. Currently, I’m working on a food-ordering app with the aim of increasing sales within pubs, cafes, and restaurants by making the ordering process more accessible.

Languages I speak


  • HTML
  • CSS, Sass
  • JavaScript, ES6


  • PHP
  • SQL


  • C# (Unity3d)
  • C++, SDL
  • Apache / Nginx
  • Python

How about the frameworks?


  • Vue.js
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery


  • Laravel
  • Symfony


  • Wordpress
  • Drupal