Rebucks was an avatar-focused social-networking site aimed at teenagers. I created this site in 2012 at the age of 13. It was my first complex web project and was mostly a grounds to develop my knowledge in web development. It used PHP for the back-end together with a MySQL database. The site comprised of a forum, a marketplace to buy and sell items for your avatar, and encouraged members to get creative through content creation.

Looking back on the site having acquired a deeper understanding of the web over these 8 years, Rebucks laid the foundations for my career in web development and, whilst it was not pretty or.. echem.. secure, it taught me valuable skills that I carry forward today. One of which was indeed how to implement stronger security measures – some elements of the site were often exploited by people attempting to bring it down or gain access to the administration panel.

At its peak, Rebucks had over 3,000 registered members and around 50 concurrent online users at any one time. Not bad! Eventually the site grew beyond my capabilities and it did not make sense to rebuild it from the ground up, especially as I started my GCSE years at the time, so it had to close.

Feel free to search ‘Rebucks’ on YouTube to get a picture of the project, but I warn you – it was not pretty. The music used on those videos were also.. well, I’ll leave that to your judgment.